IME Romania (Information Management and Engineering) is a company specialized in providing solutionsfor libraries. Considering the number of library integrated systems installed and the amplitude of thedeveloped projects, the company is the largest in the country and one of the biggest in the Eastern Europe in this field of activity.

IME Romania, soon, will celebrate twenty years of full of successes activity. The milestones of its last decade are the followings:

  • The implementation of SR EN ISO 9000:2001 quality management standard for developing and also of SR EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system for design, development, trade and maintenance software
  • Software and technical assistance activities and CMM Level 3 procedures for software development
  • Development of state-of-art product TinREAD
  • Management of complex national/international products
  • Member of the OPN (Oracle Partner Network)
  • IBM partner for complex projects
  • Supplying technical assistance services for The Library of Congress and the appreciation of IME expertise as excellent by the vice-president Anton R. Pierce

    Tthe excellent Technical Support and expertise of IME Romania [...] in a fairly complex client/server environment [...] that greatly impacted our productivity.

    • At the beginning, the main purpose was to deliver high quality library programs worldwide available and to provide technical assistance in Romania. Gradually, the activity has been extended with connected services, more and more substantial in order to improve and adapt the distributed products. Thus, one of the most important systems delivered by the company, named TinLIB, a system produced at that time in London, was totally translated into Romanian (software and documentations) since 1996. In the same time, the necessary specific changes for the libraries in the country imposed the software adaptation to these functional requirements.

      Soon, the company’s very efficient and constant activity has led to the statute of partner in developing TinLIB application, in 1997.

      Since 2002 IME Romania is the developer of TinREAD application, a brand new product built with state-of-art technology having, thus, at its disposal the technical instruments necessary to approach the complex projects requiring reliable systems, tested for a long time in complex implementations, and in the same time requiring flexibility and developments adapted to each project to a certain extent.

      During first decade, the expertise of our work, the decisions, the firmness and the competitiveness have been materialized in implementations and installed systems by IME Romania in about 300 libraries in the country or worldwide.