Based on IME expertise, its projects answer to a high spectrum of request regarding library automation. Mainly, the most request subject is centered upon the integrated library software, in the respect of library standards, freedom of data exchange and providing library 2.0 context of work

All these benefits are found in all IME projects and products. This makes that solutions provided by IME integrated library systems to be used and asked for by all different library types.

Many academic, public and specialized libraries from Europe (France, Holland, Italy, Bulgaria, Moldavia or Romania for example) and from the South-East of Asia (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) are using TinREAD or ToREAD top level integrated library systems.

More than 85% of county public libraries in Romania are using IME software solutions and, also, many important specialized libraries benefit from the same IME experience. We can mention in this context Romanian Presidency Library, The Romanian Parliament Libraries – The Deputy Chamber and The Senate, The National Information and Documentary Institute, The National Statistics Institute, The National Institute for Public Administration, The Supreme Court, The Constitutional Court, The Legislative Council, The National Pedagogical Library of Romania and many others.

Things are not quite different in other places. For example, in The Republic of Moldova almost all the public libraries are using IME solutions. Public and important academic libraries in Moldova, together with many other important libraries, from different types, are connected and work together using SIBIMOL (The Integrated System of all Automated Libraries from Moldova), which is an IME integrated solution. The National Library of the Republic of Moldova, The National Library for Children, Chisinau Municipal Library, Chisinau and Balti State Universities, The Economic Studies Academy and The International Free University of Moldova are core libraries of this huge automated information system of all libraries in the country.

Some of the libraries from Taiwan which are using IME solutions are as follows: National Taichung Library Network (which has more than 200 libraries), New Taipei City Library, National Dong Hwa University (with more than 1 million of bibliographic records), Cultural’s Affairs Bureau and many other libraries from different types of.