IME Company is one of the biggest in the industry of library automation. Its renown reside in its expertise in IT&C and also in its long experience in this field of activity.

IME provides turn-key solutions for libraries and documentary institutions (museums, archives a.s.o.). The range of solutions varies from small school libraries to complex national/international projects (Union/Shared/Collective Catalogues, Multinational Consortium of Libraries etc.).

IME’s professional developers and software engineers do not develop only "library systems" but provide solutions toward our customers with all the components required: hardware, communications, software (OS, Middleware, Database, Application, Repositories etc.), consultancy, corresponding services and maintenance. The company also provided services for The Library of Congress and their recommendation for IME refers to the quality as "excellent".

TinREAD is not another library system. First of all it is a framework specialized for development of library systems. That makes it very adaptive and makes the deployment fast and reliable. The power of the system is that some complex implementations need customizations or enhancing the business model with specific procedures, all are operated into TinREAD.Engine by enhancing the knowledge database and then generate the proper application, not by hard-coding. Thus, every client is receiving an application adapted to its specific needs.

Usually, for customizing an average project it take a period of time from one to two weeks.