Your satisfaction will reach the maximum just if you train your staff and use TinREAD thoroughly

One of the most important element of managing the change is to train your library staff. The training process is based on TinREAD electronic manuals for each specific module and also on TinREAD help which access online documentation. A specific forum application give more access in supporting the cataloging work in a MARC standard environment with accent on collaborative open learning.

IME’s trainers are certified in adult learning procedures and are librarians or related professionals.

Through its Training Center, IME offer several different training formats:

  • Onsite – IME’s trainers come to your library and deliver training onsite
  • Online – using Internet connection as support for e-learning application (including periodic webinars)
  • Custom – at your request, using onsite, online or a mixture of these two formats which fits better for your needs