TinREAD.ILS is an Integrated Library System (ILS) designed for libraries or companies wishing to automate their information management activities. In fact, the functionality included in TinREAD is more than the one in usual ILS systems and a more accurate term to define TinREAD is NILS (Neo – Integrated Library System). Traditional ILS supposes a complex integrated environment with standard functionality for users (OPAC, WebOPAC) and staff (Cataloguing, Circulation, Acquisitions, Serials Control). Such systems are doing a great job for an old-style library working by itself. Modern libraries need not only their departments to be integrated, but also the library to be a part to the global flow of information between libraries or other actors holding information. Also, the endless process of improving library services requires new tools, new functionality and obviously a new type of software. TinREAD is such a software.

In order to make it easy to use and to achieve the highest level of portability TinREAD is a web based application and offers a simple, attractive graphical user interface with superb work-flow using any web browser available (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera etc).

TinREAD family of applications is a flexible solution for libraries and has three members customized for specific needs in specific types of libraries.

TinREAD.Mini is the standalone application designed for small libraries, like school libraries. This version can be used by one single user and has several limitations regarding the total number of records allowed by the system to be stored. Most of TinREAD.Mini systems use PostGresql database for obvious reasons.

TinREAD.Standard is a powerful version of this ILS and its target are medium and large libraries. This is the Client/Server version of the system designed for Multiuser applications. TINLREAD.Standard has the entire standard functionality of a traditional ILS. Many TinREAD.Standard systems in use are using PostGresql for database management but also Oracle Database can justify its use in such cases. This version of TinREAD can use any of the two databases with no particular differences for system technical performances.

TinREAD.Expert is a modern DLS and you can get with it the very best of TinREAD. The Expert of the family is carefully designed for huge national/international projects involving Information Retrieval. This special version includes the entire functionality of a traditional ILS and adds specific functionality to DLS (Digital Library System). A lot of Expert options are not available in Standard version (ex. FRBR cataloguing). Content Management, Real Application Cluster and Disaster Recovery components available from Oracle makes it the most suitable RDBMS for such projects.