The Expert version of TinREAD family is carefully designed for huge national/international projects involving Information Retrieval and covering all the complex of and every facet of such kind of important enterprise.

TinREAD.Expert is a modern DLS and you can get with it the very best of TinREAD. This special version includes the entire functionality of a traditional ILS and adds specific functionality to DLS (Digital Library System). A lot of Expert options are not available in Standard version (ex. FRBR cataloguing). Content Management, Real Application Cluster and Disaster Recovery components available from Oracle makes it the most suitable RDBMS for such projects.

This revolutionary system was made possible by extensive investments in research and by the two international bids won by IME Romania: National Collective Catalogue of Romania and National Shared Catalogue of Moldavia. Both projects aimed to the same objectives in order to build a modern Integrated Library System with the best technology available and a large number of senior librarians from both countries were involved in TinREAD project. The result is not just another ILS, but a unique system with capabilities described in the followings.

A major reference for IME Romania is The Library of Congress in the United States. The LoC has appointed IME Romania their Technical Services Partner for their International Field Office Services implementations worldwide.

Another major reference is AED/RITI-ACCESS program (Academy for Educational Development / Romania Information Technology Initiative), financed by USAID (United States Agency for International Development), that highly appreciates the excellent expertise and technical support of IME Romania, who developed and implemented The first National Collective Catalogue of Romania and The Digital Library.

One of the most advanced features of TinREAD System is the ability to handle large Consortium implementations. This is because TinREAD was born from 2 national wide projects and was designed for such large scale usage.

The Consortium module is a group of features packed together and available with the TinREAD.Expert package. The hardware structure (cluster) and the software functionality are suitable for Consortium structures of libraries for National wide Shared Catalogues or huge specialized implementations. According to the level of integration and the functionality available for working together there are “weak” or “strong” consortium implementations and also “horizontal” (just sum the libraries) and “vertical” (integrate the operations) implementations and TinREAD.Expert is prepared to manage all of them.

TinREAD is a system implementing functionality for Total Consortium implementations. Total Consortium implementations assume that the consortium partners are operate together and thus they share WebOPAC, Catalogue, Circulation, Acquisition, Serials control, being able to get advantages of such a purchase method and also to share their materials directly or by the use of ILL (Inter Library Loan) services.

Native consortium functionality cover some insides of each module of TinREAD.Expert, so all these modules are different from those used in other TinREAD versions, but all TinREAD family is Consortium ready. That means that both TinREAD.Mini and TinREAD.Standard versions are ready to work in a TinREAD.Expert consortia implementation.