TinREAD.Mini is a special designed library integrated software for small and medium size libraries. This TinREAD (The Information Navigator for READers) integrated library system version is easy to use and has data editing forms adapted to average needs requests characteristic to this kind of libraries. It is at a user click distance to expand and benefit to extended MARC format.

Small libraries like school or, usually, corporate/company libraries need library software easy to use, cheap and reliable. They must be ensured that their solution is extendable and even if it’s small, is compatible and can be connected with large systems used by big libraries. This way small libraries gain the power of bigger ones and are able to participate to the general flow of information.

TinREAD.Mini is the package especially designed for such libraries. Is easy to use and the forms for data input are restricted to their minimum, even though extended version of the forms are available with just one click.

This version of TinREAD can be used as a standalone application by one single user. Each license of TinREAD.Mini allows it to be installed on one single computer and to be used by one user at a time.

Modules and functionality available in TinREAD.Mini are much the same as superior versions of TinREAD and one can consider TinREAD.Mini to be the same powerful application like TinREAD.Standard used by one single user.