Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a module which helps patrons or staff to obtain materials that are available in other libraries.

The core of the ILL module is the request made by a patron or a librarian to be processed by the appropriate personnel in the library. Each request has its own description that consists of the following:

  • A hiperlink to the requested bibliographic item
  • A hyperlink to the item owned by library
  • A hyperlink to the owner of request
  • Data related to the request

While the request advance in the workflow (the approval route, transmission, reception) information is added to it. Some of them are introduced by a librarian when processing the request, others are added automatically by the system (ie the date on which the request has been processed).

As the request advance in the workflow, ILL request is enriched with details: ex. current situation (flags = parts which identifies data), thus requests can be grouped by status. For example, after a request was sent, the record is marked with the date of transmission, as a consequence of the record will appear in the current set of records waiting to be received.

The main function of ILL module includes:
  • ILL budgets
  • Customized ILL budgets
  • Patron classes
  • Databse of institution participating in ILL
  • Publications types/Sources types
  • ILL messaging
  • Generation of notes for supplying libraries
  • Request/approval/complaint/cancellation
  • Loan the items obtaint teough ILL
  • Search/edit requests
  • ILL requests statuses
  • Accounting of funds statement
  • Customizable reports

Interlibrary Loan module is fully integrated with TinREAD. He shares the same data files with other modules and improve interlibrary loans, providing an accurate picture of these requests.