The Reports module allow generation of different kind of statistical reports for every installed TINREAD module. The Reports module also provides an extensible API for developing custom reports and new features.

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Reports module consists of different layers and sub-modules working together in an integrated environment performing multiple tasks. Complex reports grouping large amount of data can be defined using interactive tools. Data is first of all selected from the database using search forms defined by the System Administrator by simply selecting the appropriate search fields and validation rules that apply to them. Then application databases are searched to meet user specified criteria. The resulted set of records can be edited (adding more records or removing records) and the final set of data is used to perform the report.

Output format can be also customized by the System Administrator using drag&drop procedures with graphical interactive tools. Complex output formats are allowed by grouping data. Large amount of data can be searched, sorted, indexed, sophisticatedly formatted finally producing a report file.

Reports module include the following components:
  • Input API (specific to each sub-module of TinREAD)
  • General purpose reporting tool (Jasper reports)
  • Output database and Messaging system (keeps track of messages delivery and patron communication: notices, reminders, overdue, penalties etc; deliver message by paper, email, internal messaging system, SMS)
  • Reports Management (stop report, resume, change priority, cancel etc.)

Each report definition can have one or more assigned templates. Template definition is composed from XML file name and sub-reports file names. All the operation made in templates area (add/delete/edit) can be saved by the user.

After a report is defined by the System Administrator then it becomes available to be used by patrons or librarians. The user simply selects the data to be processed by performing a search and then clicking on the selected records or clicking “select all”. The set of records will be processed accordingly and the result will be displayed on the screen or might be saved in a file in any of the following formats: RTF, PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML.

The Report Generator module is part of the fully integrated TinREAD library management system, it shares the same database files with all the other modules which eases and speeds the process of producing reports and offers an interactive tool able to quickly manage any new reporting tasks.

The main features of Reports module are listed below:
  • Custom reports
  • Easy report designer interface
  • Predefined and custom datasets
  • Powerful programming API
  • Web interface for reports design
  • And more ...

Functionality of Reports module depend on the purchased TINREAD package. A table of comparisions for the features is listed below.


Rapoarte customizabile
Funcționalitate drag-and-drop
Seturi de date customizabile
Programare rapoarte
Interfață web de construire a rapoartelor
Suport pentru formatele (PDF,DOC,RTF,EXCEL, etc.)