Using this modules TinREAD system extend its native capacity of the information retrieval service

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The specification is logically divided into procedures pertaining to the client and procedures pertaining to the server. Communication between the client and server is carried out by the Z39.50 protocol or by different other web sources as you will see further.

TinREAD Z39.50 Server&Client Modules complies to ANSI/NISO Z39.50-2003 and ISO 23950 standards. It supports a number of actions, including search, retrieval, sort, and browse.

Also, these modules complies to OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) which is a protocol developed by the Open Archives Initiative. OAI-PMH is also based on a client–server architecture (like Z39.50 protocol), in which "harvesters" request information on updated records from "repositories". TinREAD is provideing XML metadata in Dublin Core format, and may also provide it in other XML formats as you need. Most often, this modules are used by our clients to join Europeana Digital Library as members.

In fact we talk about integration of extended WebOPAC & Data Integration module which enables TinREAD to be online connected with any source of information available online.

TinREAD’s Extended WebOPAC handles three types of information:
  • Internal bibliographical source (is one databases)
  • External bibliographical source (other ILS databases available via Z39.50 protocol)
  • External non-bibliographical sources like Google Books [], Google Print [], Google Scholar [], Directory of Open Access Journals [], [], WordNet [], Open Directory [] etc.

Information from internal databases or from other libraries catalogues via Z39.50 protocol or from different other web sources are searched, displayed and used (print, email, export) in a unified format no matter of their provenience.

While Z39.50 Client module could be present in all TinREAD versions (Mini, Standard and Expert), the Z39.50 Server can be used in TinREAD.Standard and TinREAD.Expert. The TinREAD.Expert version is using Z39.50 Server&Client modules especially in Federal/Collective/Union Catalogues. In this context, librarians can benefit by automated assistance from TinREAD system; information (bibliographical descriptions or else) can be taken online from other sources (Z39.50, http etc.) with drag&drop from one window to another.

Regarding Federal/Collective/Union Catalogues we must mention the multicasting functionality of TinREAD through these communications modules; parallel searching for multiple databases no matter of their type (library, web page, electronic resources database); the result page is updated intelligently to minimize the traffic and to present the user the updated responses from each source.

TinREAD’ll complies with the “International Next Generation” client–server protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases: ZING.