TINREAD.Standard, as its name states, is the standard version of TinREAD allowing Multiuser access to library information. Usually this is the package selected by medium or large libraries to automate their activities.

Library 2.0 cannot be built without library apps regarding every library services section. Most of all the library software applications must be contemporary and must benefit from all IT&C recent implementations and opportunities. TinREAD (The Information Navigator for READers) is modern, comprehensive, give you the opportunity to work practically without any professional limitation and therewith have all modern libraries technologies (FRBR, Multiple MARC Formats, NCIP, ZING, SIP2 and many others) concurrent with the use of the most modern IT&C platforms (for example Java, Oracle, GRID). TinREAD is fully UNICODE compliant and adds important features to the simple fact of displaying characters from all languages (i.e. customizable sort order of characters, case/diacritics sensitivity for searches etc.).

But, more than all standards and technical stuff, Library 2.0 means interaction between librarians and their users and content production from both sides. All these can take place in TinREAD environment which is yours, in your library and all the management tasks are at your fingertips. Using TinREAD.Standard you bring all necessary external sources inside. Using TinREAD WebOPAC Module, your user will ask just once and will receive the relevant answer compiled from all the sources you have prepared, in time, for him. Then, using the TinREAD Annotation System, every of your user will work in your integrated library system producing content for public or for his personal interest. Using the benefits of technology, your user will open TinREAD everywhere for reading and continuing his work (in your library, at home, at work or wherever there is a WiFi, hotspot etc.

TinREAD.Standard is your true Library 2.0 tool.

TinREAD.Standard has a Client/Server architecture, thus a server machine is assumed. Please check TinREAD – System Overview brochure to get information about the hardware specifications for such a computer. Client computers must be compatible with TCP/IP protocol and must run a graphical Web Browser supporting Cookies & Java Script such as but not restricted to MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Hardware specifications for the client side can be checked among Web Browsers specifications but usually this is not an issue since any computer able to browse the web should do.

Complex LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network) implementations are the ones suitable for this version. One single library can connect and automate all is departments in a LAN network running TinREAD if all of them are in the same building. MAN implementation of TinREAD.Standard applies when branches of the library are distributed in different areas of the city and/or different buildings, or WAN architecture can be used if branches are located all over the country or in a departmental or county type area.

TinREAD.Standard is not just another standard ILS like many others on the market. Build with the powerful framework of TinREAD.Engine, this NILS (Neo-ILS) has a lot more to offer than standard products. Please check the description of each module available in TinREAD.Standard and also the Special Features section in TinREAD – Product Overview brochure to get a closer image about this unique product.